We are one of the leading producers of e-cigarette liquids in the EU. Using certified components from European suppliers, we constantly improve the formula of our products so as to provide top-tier quality for users of e-liquids from Flavourtec. We are present in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Poland.


Since the founding of Flavourtec in 2012, it has been our goal to offer the very best quality liquids for electronic cigarettes. We began by offering customers our wide portfolio of OEM and white-label solutions. We have since grown and now all Flavourtec products are made in our own modern, purpose-built factory, which opened in 2015. Our production facility features a modern in-house laboratory including a gas chromatographer, which enables us to check nicotine levels, along with the purity of every product we make. This provides us with complete transparency and control. What’s more, we’re pleased to say it’s ISO:9001 certified. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, which is why we heavily invest in research and development to ensure we’re able to maintain and constantly improve the quality of our products. Our products are made in the EU and created in-line with TPD regulations in all markets.


Propylene Glycol
Propylene glycol (PG), is a substance registered in the EU and often used as an additive in the food industry and is known as E1520. In liquids, PG serves as carrier for flavour and causes the popular “throat hit” when inhaled. We only use EU-made PG in USP grade, fulfilling all standards and requirements to quality, purity and product safety.

Vegetable glycerine
Vegetable glycerine (VG) is an important part of creating a high volume of vape. VG is widely used as a lubricant in snacks and cosmetics with the registered identifier of E422. For our liquids, VG is used as a natural ingredient in USP grade quality.

For our liquid creations, we use flavours that are widely used in the food industry. All our flavours have been tested and registered in accordance with the EG Nr. 1334/2008 guideline, which means they are neither harmful to your health or the environment.
We co-operate with several leading European producers to ensure we can maintain and guarantee the quality of our flavours.

Demineralised Water
To adjust the viscosity of our liquids, we use European, USP grade quality demineralised water. It is of the highest quality and purity. Furthermore, it’s 100% natural.
The demineralised water helps us to adjust our liquids allowing them to be used in a variety of different atomisers, clearomisers and many other types of electronic cigarettes.

The nicotine we use, which is made in Europe, is 99.9% pure, which makes it the highest quality nicotine available and it is 100% USP grade quality.
Each batch of the ready-made product is checked with a gas chromatographer on the correct amount of nicotine by our in-house laboratory.


TÜV-certified production:
To us, quality is the result of transparency, diligence and control, which is why our production facility is of the highest standard, proven by the ISO:9001 certification, which is regularly checked by the TÜV Nord. The raw ingredients we use are USP (pharmaceutical) standard, additionally, we abide by food industry standards to create many of our flavours.
Dartsch certificate:
To demonstrate the advantages of electronic cigarettes compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes, we had our liquids tested in a long-term exposition test by the renowned Dartsch Institute. During the test, cultivated human lung cells were exposed to the vape of our liquids for two weeks and to the smoke of a tobacco cigarettes. The outcome of the experiment showed the vape of our liquids did not cause any toxicological reaction to the lung cells compared to those exposed to smoke of the tobacco cigarettes, which showed clear reactions after two weeks. Based on this long-term analysis, our products have been awarded the Dartsch certification.
Iso-certified bottles:
Our packaging fulfils the highest standards of quality and safety, which is why our bottles have received ISO-certification. We are one of the very first European producers of liquids for electronic cigarettes to use ISO-8317 certified bottles, exclusively produced for us within the EU. Our bottles are tested against a variety of parameters and they are in complete compliance with the regulations of the TPD.


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