What is Vaping

Whether you’re considering quitting smoking with e-cigarettes or are interested in vaping but don’t know how to start, this guide is for you.

Vaping is said to be much better, healthier and cheaper than regular smoking, however if you use an e-cigarette that is not suitable for you it can discourage you make you resort to traditional cigarettes. For that reason, it is highly recommended you have at least some basic knowledge about how vaping works and what you need to buy to change your life forever.

1. Electronic Nicotine Delivery System

The first step in vaping is buying a suitable Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (e-cigarette), which can cost anything from £3 up to £100. However, the cheapest ones are not recommended here, as they brake easily, have a short lifespan and often don’t deliver the vape experience you desire, which is less than ideal.
The purchase of an e-cigarette should be satisfying, so here is what you should know about the device.
Most e-cigarettes consist of 2 parts- a battery and an atomiser, which heats the e-liquid and lets us inhale nicotine. For some of us the design of the e-cigarette can be important and for others the prize is its functionality A decent e-cig will usually set you back around £25.

2. Battery

When buying a new e-cigarette, do consider the battery – The better the quality, the less you’ll need to charge it and the longer it’ll last. Most vaping kits will also include a charger. In most cases, it’s recommended that you don’t use your e-cigarette whilst it’s on charge, in which case you may want to purchase an extra battery, so you have the option of swapping it out and always have one available. Charging takes from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the battery power.

3. Atomizer head

Atomiser heads heat the e-liquid, so it plays really important role in vaping. It is replaceable, as it gets burnt because of the temperature. The atomiser head has to be replaced approximately every two weeks, depending of the usage and costs very little.

4. Clearomizer

Clearomiser is a part of an atomiser and is made of a clear material just to let its users see the quantity of e-liquid. The clear material is usually glass or plastic. Before buying the e-cigarette, be sure the clearomiser is tough enough, as if they’re dropped, they can break.

5. E-liquid

E-liquid is the magic of vaping. The e-liquid consists of few ingredients: nicotine, glycerine, glycol and flavour enhancers. These ingredients play an important role in vaping and your satisfaction. It is really important consider the flavours you will use to ensure you make the most of your vaping experience.
There are plenty e-liquids available, but the cheapest ones should be avoided, as the quality of the e-liquid is rather important.

NICOTINE. The nicotine itself is not harmful, nevertheless, it is very addictive. The harmfulness is comparable to caffeine. The damage comes with smoke and other ingredients of regular cigarettes. Experienced, regular smokers are recommended to start vaping with high nicotine concentration of about 18mg/ml and slowly reduce the nicotine concentration and the nicotine intake. For people that start vaping and have not been addicted to the nicotine, it is recommended to have just a little or none at all - there are nicotine-free e-liquids!

PROPYLENE GLYCOL, PG. An ingredient in e-liquid that produces “throat hit” and carries flavor.

VEGETABLE GLYCERIN, VG. Is responsible for the vapour and is the nicotine suspension agent.

FLAVOR ENHANCERS There is a wide range of flavours available. If you like the taste of menthol, we offer menthol flavored e-liquids or fruit menthols like iced apple, iced raspberry or tobacco taste only. At the beginning it is recommended to try out few flavours to know which one is for you.

6. Vaping ≠ smoking

When vaping, inhales should be long, slow and not that often. There are two ways of vaping or smoking, those are: Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung Inhale.

Mouth to lung is the inhale that we take in our mouths, hold it for a while and take it to lungs, this type of vaping is for flavour tasting and perfect for beginners.
Direct to lung is the inhale that goes directly to our lungs like a deep breath. This inhale lets us make a greater vapour but can hit our throat.

Higher PG ratio would be perfect for mouth to lung inhale vapers, as it gives more flavour and higher VG ratio is better for direct to lungs inhale vapers, as there is a greater vapour.