Stop smoking, start vaping

Smoking is highly addictive. Many of us have tried to kick the habit time and time again to no avail. However, the introduction of e-cigarettes provides an alternative to the typical cessation aids many of us are familiar with. Here we look at the benefits of swapping traditional cigarettes to e-cigs…

1. A healthier alternative

One of the main reasons to choose vaping over smoking traditional cigarettes is that studies have found it to be better for our bodies. Vaping is 95% less harmful than traditional smoking. Furthermore, studies show that within 6 months of only vaping, the cariogenic substances in the lungs are reduced to the level of non-smokers.

2. Cheaper than traditional smoking

If you have an electronic nicotine delivery system (e-cigarette), the only thing you need to buy regularly is e-liquid. When looking at the cost difference, it works out that vaping costs as much per week as one packet of cigarettes. Vaping is literally a fraction of the cost of traditional smoking.

3. There’s no nasty odours

Smokers don’t tend to consider how much the smell of smoke clings to their clothes, hair or fingers, but everyone around them has no choice but to breathe in the odours. You’ll find when you start vaping, there are no nasty smells that attach themselves to you.

4. Reduces the aging process

Smoking is well-known to dramatically affect the way people age. It causes wrinkles and darkens the face increasing the signs of aging. Vaping doesn’t have this affect.

5. It’s less addictive

How often do you go for a smoke? Every hour? Those who vape reduce their intake of nicotine. You may vape more often than you smoke, but you’ll only take 2-4 inhales, which reduces the intake of the addictive substance nicotine and helps you loosen the grips of the addiction.

6. There’s less chemicals

A regular cigarette contains more than 5000 chemicals that influence the human body, e-liquid needed in e-cigarettes contains just a few chemical ingredients… Almost 1000x less!

7. Leads to a smoke-free life

The decision to quit smoking can be easy, however, the action is not that simple. Once we get addicted, our brain treats the contact with the addictive substances as the prize and that change of our brain functionality is permanent. The change in our brain can be dormant, but once we get the reward again (addictive substance)- we must struggle with the addition again. E-cigarettes can be an alternative way of quitting smoking every time the addiction makes a comeback.

8. No more passive smokers

Just because someone chooses to smoke, it should affect partners, children or friends, but it often does through passive smoking. Vaping doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, so it’s harmless to those around you.

9. It doesn’t affect your senses

Smoking affects most parts of our life, including our senses. Smell and taste are absorbed with the smell and taste of cigarettes, taking away many of the pleasures of life. Our lungs and mouth are cleaned within two weeks of using an e-cigarette, so our senses get cleaned as well.

10. No more stains

Smokers tend to suffer from stained teeth. They’re usually yellow or have a greenish tint. Smoking stains everything, your fingers, clothes and even your home. Vaping on the other hand, doesn’t leave behind any colours or marks, so you can stay fresh and clean.

The benefits of vaping go on and on. So, if you want to take care of your health without changing your habits - this solution is for you.